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October 15, 2019

Tick-Tock! Best Times to Post on Social Media

Social media is always evolving, and your audience’s behavior changes with it! This can make it very difficult to figure out when you should be posting to social media. You want to get the most eyes possible on your content and maximize engagement, but when exactly is the BEST time to post on social media? Today, we’re covering the basics by breaking down the best posting times on the major social media channels.



Best Time – While Instagram engagement peaks mid-day and mid-week, the most popular times to post are in the morning and evening. Think about it… what is the first thing people usually do after they wake up and before they go to bed? Check their phones! People are scrolling the ‘gram first thing in the morning and last thing before sleeping, so posting your content during those hours is ideal for engagement!

Worst Time – The weekend is not your best bet for getting eyes on your posts. Most people are out and about enjoying their time off instead of being glued to their phone, which is why you see very low engagement on Instagram. If you’re wanting to share something from over the weekend, your best option is to wait until first thing Monday morning!



Best Time – Similar to other social media platforms, mid-week is the peak period on Facebook. While people frequently check in throughout the middle of the day to see what’s going on, the peak times are usually around lunch breaks. When people have more time to scroll through their Facebook feeds and dig into interesting posts, engagement increases!

Worst Time – On the other hand, you’ll most likely see very low engagement during late night and early evening times, as well as weekend days. While people may check in or post a few updates from weekend activities in the middle of the day on a Saturday, these times aren’t your best bet for reaching your target audience.



Best Time – Twitter tends to get busy mid-week during the early hours of the morning, as people are starting to go about their day and take some time to catch up on the latest news and updates. The peak times of engagement are also during lunch hour, but that engagement starts to slow down through the late afternoon and evening.

Worst Time – Engagement on Twitter tends to drop off on weekends, much like Instagram and Facebook. We do still see that morning check-in on both Saturday and Sunday, but it’s certainly not the most optimal time to be posting your content.


Regardless of what industry your brand or business falls under, there are several factors that play into figuring out the best time to post your content. What’s most important is that you look over your insights and test it out. Each platform is different, so posting the same content on multiple platforms is a great way to see if you get better or different kinds of engagement.

We hope this newsletter has helped you understand your audience’s behavioral patterns to better pinpoint the best time for you to post your content!


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