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August 31, 2021

The Rundown on Twitter’s Insight Series

Twitter has always been a great place to keep up with the latest and greatest media trends. Now they’re introducing a new way to help you with your marketing strategy – Insights Series!

What is the Insights Series?
It’s a new content series that will highlight the latest media and entertainment news, and trends and insights on Twitter as they happen!
The first installment of the series covered movie theaters re-opening and how Twitter users were feeling about it!

Why is this important?
These blog posts are going to be updated in real time so you’ll always be in the loop with what’s hot with Twitter users and how they’re reacting to certain Twitter trends! Each insights post will also give YOU marketing tips based on evolving trends so you can continue to build your own strategy for your unique following! Sounds perfect right? We think so too!

We hope you tune into see more Twitter Insights! Check them out here!


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