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May 15, 2019

The ABCs of Social Media!

We’re taking you to school today with a vocab lesson! Seriously, who remembers taking those dreaded tests?? We do, but we promise we’ve curated the most important words for anyone trying to increase their social media presence.

Algorithm – The magic formula that determines when you see content in your timeline. Accounts for frequency of use, timeliness, interest and a whole bunch of other things that we’ll never really know. You can’t crack an algorithm because it’s always changing! Also, known as a social media manager’s biggest nightmare.

Clickthrough Rate – How many people click your link. Simple as that!

Conversion Rate – The percentage of people who completed an action like following your account, filling out a form, commenting on a post, etc. For example, you post a Story with the swipe up option. Your conversion rate is the percentage of viewers who actually swiped!

Direct Message – Also known as a “DM.” A private conversation on Twitter or Instagram! #ProTip – Direct Messages are a great way to stay interactive with your fans. Engage in real conversation and make them a loyalist!

Engagement Rate – A metric used to describe interactions, including likes, shares, and comments. Super important to see your progress!

Handle – Another way to say username. Like Become Intertwined’s Instagram handle is @BIntertwined! (Psst… you should follow!)

Hashtag – A word or phrase that is linked and searchable. Hashtags help you be seen by others! #Vocab

Impressions – Number of times your content is seen by unique followers.

Social Media Monitoring – Actively watching what’s happening on your account and in your online communities. Bonus points for responding to all mentions. The key to creating an active community with your followers!

Tag – How to link your content to another page by adding in their handle (see above for definition!). Absolutely crucial to provide credit by tagging the creator or original poster. You should tag in the photo and caption!

User-Generated Content – Also known as UGC. Content from other users that you share in our own feed (always with credit, of course)! This is a great way to give love to your community and to collect content to support your account. That’s why so many trendy places have that ‘Instagramable Moment’ or a branded hashtag.

We’ll be using these words (and plenty more!) over and over again in our newsletters so we hope you enjoy this little cheat sheet. Any social media words that have you confused that aren’t on the list? Let us know and we’ll be happy to help define them!

Let’s get social!


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