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September 10, 2019

Supercharge Your Instagram Stories

If you’ve noticed a significant drop in engagement on your Instagram feed, you are not alone! Because of the ever-changing algorithm, people are using and viewing stories more than ever. They’re quick, fun, interactive, and receive the highest engagement! The more often someone engages with your Instagram Stories, the more frequently you will show up in their feed. So, the million dollar question is: how do you take your Stories to the next level? Today we’re giving you three quick tips to make your Instagram Stories stand out and be seen.⁣

1) Hidden Hashtags – We all know hashtags are an important part of getting your feed posts seen, but they’re also vital in getting your stories in front of a new audience. Just as one might search through hashtags in a feed, Instagram also curates stories using the same hashtags. But nobody wants to look at a bunch of hashtags in their story!⁣⁣
Pro Tip: Use the color picker and select a background color that helps your hashtags blend into your story. You can make the tags even smaller, too, so nobody has to know!

.        .       

2) Location, location! – Just like Instagram curates hashtags, it does the same with its location sticker. You can use these stickers, which come in three different styles! On your stories as another way to introduce yourself to a bigger audience.⁣⁣
Pro Tip: Sometimes general locations are better than specific ones. For example, you might use Newport Beach, CA instead of a super-specific address of your exact location. You’ll get a wider audience!

3) Super Stickers – Instagram offers a variety of Story stickers to help you gather information, drive traffic and increase engagement. Gifs are definitely a fan favorite, but the stickers you really need to be using are the engagement stickers – i.e. polls, quizzes, Q&As, and emoji sliders. Not only are they super easy and fun to use, but they also add an additional level of engagement with your users. Someone taking an action on your poll or slider sticker is just like receiving a DM. Cleary they were interested in your content and took the time to engage on your story, which helps build that sense of a stronger community. WIN WIN! And let’s face it, people just can’t resist taking fun quizzes!! Remember back in the 90s when Cosmo quizzes were all the rage?? People LOVED finding out their results. These engagement stickers have that same effect!⁣

Pro Tip: Strategy is key. You want to make sure that you are intentional and strategic when using stickers. Whatever your purpose is for using an engagement sticker, always remember to keep it smart, short, and fun!


And there you go! It’s that easy! Three simple and effective ways to take your Instagram stories to the next level. Go ahead and try them and let us know if they helped you get more eyes on your content!



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