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September 29, 2020

Social Media 101

Somehow, Summer has come and gone and we’re already embracing all the Fall things. In Southern California that means slightly colder temperatures, a few falling leaves, and of course, everyone’s favorite, Back to School! So, we thought now would be the perfect time for a little Social Media 101 refresher, virtual learning style! We’ve crafted a little lesson plan for anyone who’s just getting started on social or needs a little review! Class is in session! 


Introduction to Branding 

Your branding is your first impression so make it count! Take a step back and ensure that everything is cohesive and embodies what you want your brand to be! Whether you’re just testing the social media waters with one platform or diving straight in on every platform, the most important thing is everything matches across all channels. For example, your Instagram and Twitter username should match your Facebook vanity URL. This allows your audience to seamlessly navigate from channel to channel.  

Content Creation Class 

Your audience on each channel looks a little different so, of course, your content should be different on each platform. Instagram’s bread and butter are eye-catching photos and catchy captions, while long-form videos perform well on Facebook. Twitter is all about engaging conversation (don’t forget the character count!) and Pinterest users are typically searching for an answer or inspiration! When crafting your content calendars, tweak your content, and captions for what works best on each platform! 

How To: Keep Them Coming Back for More!

So you’ve posted. Now what? This is the social media secret sauce and it’s so easy. Engagement! We cannot stress enough how vital it is to engage with your audience. They’ve taken the time to talk to you so return the favor! This is actually the fun part! Keep it fun and conversational. When your audience understands that they are valued, they’ll keep coming back!  


Keeping up with your social can get a little stressful. We totally get it. But don’t forget, it’s all about having fun! You got it!  

The most important thing about social media, just like it is with school, is to show up! Be present and listen to your audience. You’ll be getting straight A’s soon enough! 


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