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October 8, 2019

Shooting Content Like A Pro!

Last week, we shared five effective content ideas to help fill out your social media calendar. Now that you have topics to talk about, what’s next?! The CONTENT! You don’t need fancy equipment to take great photos. In today’s age of smartphones and editing apps, you can produce quality images in a matter of minutes! All you need is some basic photography skills, inspiration, and some simple photo-taking tricks. In this blog post, we be teaching you how to do just that!


TIP #1: Wipe off your camera lens

This is true no matter what you’re using to shoot, but especially so when you’re using an iPhone. Because we manhandle our phones all day, the lenses tend to get smudged. These smudges can distort your image, make it look foggy, or just decrease the quality overall.

TIP #2: Rule of Thirds

The subject of the photo should be positioned in 1/3 of the photo. Use the photo grid feature to place the subject in 1/3 and make sure the subject is straight. It’s okay to have negative space in your photo – in fact, negative space should take up more of the image than the positive space! This will allow the viewers eyes to focus in more on the main subject.

TIP #3: Find a clear point of interest

Once you’ve framed your picture, tap on the subject of your photo. This lets your phone know where to prioritize the focus, and will help your image come out sharp. This is true for the regular photo mode or portrait mode!

TIP #4: Be wary of lighting

Lighting can make or break a picture! Whether you’re using an iPhone or a fancy camera, make sure you’re shooting in a space with lots of natural light. If you’re needing to invest in some equipment, a ring light or some sort of lighting kit would be well worth it!

 TIP #5: Shoot from different angles

Don’t just shoot one picture and call it a day. Play around with angles and perspectives to give yourself flexibility when choosing a picture to post. Having a mixture of tight shots, wide shots, and shots from above will give you a variety of content for your social media feeds.

We hope you found these tips helpful as you start cranking out your content. They may seem pretty simple but we promise these tricks will make all the difference in your photos! Let us know what other tips and tricks you want to hear from us and we’ll be sure to share them in an upcoming newsletter.

Stay Social! Xo


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