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September 28, 2021

Say Bye Bye to Your Creative Block!

Let’s be real, sometimes coming up with new, engaging content that your audience will love can be hard. When you’ve hit your creative block and don’t know where to turn next, try using an editorial calendar!

What is an editorial calendar?
It’s a little different from your normal content calendar, which houses your specific posts week to week. An editorial calendar shows the big picture with several months of plans, themes, or other opportunities!

What should I put in my editorial calendar?
Our favorite things to work off of are national days! National Wine Day? National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day? National Talk Like a Pirate Day? If you can make content that lines up with your brand, put it in your editorial calendar!

Don’t forget to include events that are happening around the world like The Super Bowl, a big movie premiere, or a holiday season!

Got a big event for your business like a gala or fundraiser? Add that in too!

Editorial calendars make content creating a breeze for your brand. We hope you’ll be using this tip soon, too!


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