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November 9, 2021

Plan the Perfect Influencer Holiday Campaign

If you are ready to begin rounding up an influencer list and planning out marketing campaigns to begin generating sales, then you’ve come right on time! We are here to break it down and get you equipped with the best practical tips and insights to kick off influencer marketing season. 

Did you know that 61% of consumers (aged 18-34) say that influencers did influence their decision making? Millennials and Gen Zs are very comfortable navigating channels to see who is talking about which brands. In this day and age, partnering with influencers is the BEST way to help brands build trust, increase brand awareness, and reach niche markets. 

Now with Instagram’s New Collab Tag tool, influencers and brands can easily co-author posts, manage the comment section and share the insights data! 

When searching for your holiday influencer you should keep their performance, audience demographic, follower count and brand values in mind. Research influencers through hashtags that are industry centric (#FitnessBlogger), location based (#OCBlogger), and holiday themed (#ChristmasDecoration). There are also other websites that help find and manage influencers through a database.    

When you’ve partnered with your perfect influencer, create a brief that explains do’s & don’ts of the campaign. But remember to give them creative freedom to showcase their unique style of content to their fans.  

Become Pro Tip: Video is a highly engaging content format. We recommend incorporating a Reel, Live, or Tik Tok into the marketing strategy.  

Key Takeaways and Tips  

  • ✔ Start early and capitalize on early holiday shoppers  
  • ✔ Plan around gifting holidays like Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday 
  • ✔ Optimize your website for more eyes and sales  
  • ✔ Research keywords and trending hashtags 
  • ✔ Prioritize video content for maximum engagement (Reels, Live, YouTube, etc.) 

Influencer marketing offers a smart strategy for everyone involved. You will soon be on your way to capitalizing on the BIGGEST shopping season of the year.

Good luck! 


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