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January 25, 2022

Outdated Tips You Should NOT Be Doing & 3 Tips You SHOULD Be In 2022

Out with the old and in with the new! A fresh year means removing what no longer serves us and replacing it with long-lasting updated solutions. Here is a list of outdated Instagram strategies and the best tips to replace them! 

Pen and paper at the ready, we’ll be diving into 3 Key Performance Indicators for success in 2022. 

Follow Unfollow Method for Growth 

Back when Instagram first started, the follow-for-follow method was one of the BIGGEST hacks for account growth. If you are unfamiliar, the strategy is following as many people as possible in hopes that they would follow you back, and then once they do… you (break their heart and) unfollow them.  

Updated Solution: Instead, we recommend quality over quantity! Focus that time finding like-minded audiences that you think would actually enjoy your content – comment, like, and follow them to show your interest. This new process will take more time than the outdated strategy but the outcome will result in a stronger engaged community (& fewer broken hearts!).   

 Engagement Groups for More Interactions 

Oh, engagement pods. This was the easiest trick in the book to instantly boost your engagement overnight. But you know what they say, nothing worth having comes easy. Engagement pods are a group of users who band together to help increase engagement on each other’s content. These pods may look enticing when they have up to 1,000 active users, but then all of your energy will go toward liking the group’s posts and not engaging with your target audience – yikes! 

Updated Solution: So, how do you convert those now populating profile visitors that you are now getting from implementing our first tip? Great question! If you haven’t updated your bio and picture, maybe it’s time for a revamp. A well-crafted profile bio and picture are like a friendly sign above your business that encourages people to walk on in. While you are at it, update your story highlights to give a quick preview of what your current day-to-day content is like. 

❌ Tagging Random Creators & Accounts for More Reach 

The outdated strategy is if you tag a million people on your post, your content will be seen by the account’s tagged tab or the account will love what they see and share it on their stories. However, spending time on that strategy just doesn’t make sense anymore and looks unprofessional to users viewing your content. Not to mention it’s just so spammy!  

Updated Solution: Instead, tag relevant brands in your posts (i.e. that vendor you worked with, your outfit details, the restaurant you are eating at, etc.) and tap into new audiences by co-authoring a feed post or Reel with another Instagram user. This will show a high level of professionalism to your business and that you value community collaboration. 

Are you ready to level up your game in the New Year?  Do you still use any of these old strategies? What are some outdated Instagram “hacks” that you want to put a stop to in 2022? Let’s have a chat in the comment section! 


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