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May 11, 2021

Our Tried + True Social Media Growth Tips!

We at Become Intertwined approach our clients’ social channels kinda like we approach our plant bebe’s! (say whaaat?!!) Yep. Just like our houseplants, social media accounts need all the love and attention in order to GROW. Today, we’re going to dig into (pun intended) all things growth!

Have a Consistent Engagement Plan

To grow your platform, one of THE MOST important things to do is engage with your followers as well as other accounts! Instead of commenting with 1 or 2 emojis on a post, say something that’s meaningful (and ideally use more than 3 words!) That way, other accounts can actually engage with you instead of just liking your comment. Your engagement plan should also include following like-minded people and brands that may give you the follow back. This is key for growth!

We recommend setting a daily schedule that’s just for engagement. We usually engage with our feed for 15-20 minutes in the morning and afternoon. Engaging for 15 minutes right before or after you publish your post for the day can also drive action!

Implement Giveaways

Giveaways are one of the quickest ways to increase traffic and engagement to your account! Set specific rules for your giveaway regarding how they enter, who can enter and how a winner will be selected (more to come on how to run a successful giveaway in a future email/blog) Number one tip – require them to not only follow your account but to also comment on the post tagging others. This can seriously boost your follower metrics!

Create Save-able Content

    When you’re creating content – like the content queen/king you are – think about crafting something that would be saved by your ideal client. Usually when people save content, it is to refer back to it at a later date or to share it later in their stories or in a post. Having people re-share your content introduces your account to new people who might follow you. Additionally, when a person saves your content, the algorithm will prioritize showing your future content to that person. SCORE!

Be Patient

   Remember, growth doesn’t happen overnight (unless you’re REALLY lucky or spend a lot of dough)! So be patient with yourself, follow these steps and watch your social media channels blossom!

If you have any questions or if you’re interested in our one-on-one coaching sessions, give us a holler by simply replying to this email. We gotchu!


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