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June 23, 2020

Optimal Image Sizes for Social Media Posts: Everything You Need to Know for Success!

Size matters… yep, even for your social media images! It seems like every platform loves to change on us and create its own guidelines for optimal posts.

While it can be frustrating to keep up with the ever-changing social platforms, we’re here to tell you that image size is extremely important to get the most optimal exposure for your social networks. Here is what you need to keep in mind when creating content for our each of your platforms:

Now that we understand why the size of your images is important for optimizing your social media posts… the real challenge is how the heck does one remember every single dimension and pixel size?!

We know the struggle – so we’ve put together a Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet for all of the main platforms! Let’s be real… ain’t nobody got time to google all those numbers on the daily! Get your hands on this freebie by clicking here to subscribe. Enjoy!! xo


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