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March 16, 2021

Meet Frida!

Our team continues to grow! We are so excited to introduce you to the social media gurus helping you keep the ‘social’ in your social media! Say hello to our newest Account Coordinator, Frida!

Official Biz

While studying at the University of California, Berkeley, I developed my social media marketing skills by working at the university’s communications office and focusing on Instagram content creation as well as organic social media strategy. During that time, I also started a creative project on Instagram where I shared all about my bullet journal creations, connected with my online community, and managed brand partnerships. These experiences strengthened my passion for digital marketing and storytelling.

In 2020, I graduated from UC Berkeley with a Bachelor’s in Media Studies and American Studies with a focus on popular culture and consumer society. I was met with a challenging job market in the middle of a pandemic, but was able to land an Advertising Coordinator position in the gaming industry.

Working in the gaming industry, specifically gambling and casinos, really brought out my strengths in digital marketing and proved how adaptable I could be to match different brand voices. It was a fun time and I am so grateful for my experience there.

Now, I’m so excited to join the Become Intertwined team as an Account Coordinator and create some awesome and meaningful content for our clients!

The Real Deal

I live in San Diego, CA and I’m surrounded by the best support system including my boyfriend, family and close friends. I knew I had to move back to San Diego after graduation because of this!

A Little More About Frida

I love organization and planning! I kept a bullet journal all throughout college and now I keep a weekly planner. Something about nice pens and pretty stationery always gets me! While I love all things art and anything that gets my creative juices flowing, I also love getting out in nature! Going on a cool hike or just a simple neighborhood walk is my favorite way to get some fresh air and recharge. Additionally, I love exploring new places to eat, cooking up new recipes at home, and reading a good book.


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