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May 7, 2019

Let’s Get Social!

Hello and Welcome to the Become Intertwined Newsletter!
We are SO excited to be launching our latest and greatest effort to get even more Intertwined with our community a.k.a. YOU!

In our newsletter, we will be discussing — you guessed it — Social Media! Once a week we will be delivering helpful, funny, and REAL content to help you up your Social Media game! No BS, no fluff — just everything you need to know to connect with your target audience, grow your reach and ultimately BECOME INTERTWINED with your community!

This week in Social Media, Instagram is all about the new Quiz sticker for Instagram Stories! You’ve probably already seen these stickers popping up left and right – why? Because it’s a quick and easy way to encourage engagement! Every time someone takes your quiz, that tells the algorithm that people are interested in your content and will start serving it up to more of your audience!

We love sharing our knowledge with our community and we can’t wait to help you slay at Social Media. Let us know if there are any topics or issues you are having that we can address. Stay tuned for next week as we break down all the terms you need to be a success online.

Let’s get social!


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