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November 23, 2021

Live Stream Tips to Get Your Audience Excited & Engaged

It’s campaign season! If you are thinking about a creative way to reach your audience in time for a product launch, collab or holiday promotion, then going LIVE may be the key answer you’ve been looking for! It’s great for building engagement, connecting directly with your audience, and establishing your brand as the confident, bad a** it is! Don’t believe us? Well New York Magazine reported that 82% of audiences would rather watch a live stream than see a social media post, so there’s that.

Phew! Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get your business LIVE. Scroll through to see some creative topics to explore and our top tips to get you started!

Ideas to Get you Started

? Tap into trending topics (current event, viral challenge or a national holiday)
? Collaborate with an industry influencer
? Go Live at a product launch or related event
? Host a tutorial or workshop based off frequency asked questions
? Do rapid fire or in-depth question and answer discussion
? Interview a co-worker or talk to a customer
? Review a product recommended by your following
? Go behind the scenes (process-style content or talking about an upcoming project)
? Share an announcement that helps keep your community informed
? Raise money for a cause

Pro Tip: See our recent blog on how to plan the perfect influencer holiday campaign!

Key Takeaway and Tips 

✔️ Set goals for how you want the live stream to go
✔️ Promote your live stream on all platforms
✔️ Write down all the points you want to cover + how long you want to cover them
✔️ Check your network connection and run a speed test
✔️ Test your equipment
✔️ Make the Live conversational and keep the setup casual
✔️ Engage with your viewers!
✔️ Adding music? Make sure you have the rights or your stream could be removed
? Be careful about sharing personal information

Pro Tip: After your live broadcast, you’ll be shown a screen that enables you to post it to your page. DO IT! You can also tap the download button to save the video to your camera roll.

Because Live video receives 6x more engagement than a regular video, the algorithm REALLY likes it, so get ready for a happy metrics report!


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