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August 6, 2019

Lights, Camera – Let’s Go Live!

And we’re live! Just kidding. BUT this week is all about how to go live on your favorite social media platforms; Instagram and Facebook. Sounds simple enough, but it is important to plan ahead for live streams to ensure you get engaged viewers! Don’t go live just for the sake of going live –  save your “live moments” for special, can’t-miss topics or events.

Before you go live, you’ll want to alert your followers that you plan on doing so. Schedule a post a few days ahead of time to let your followers know exactly what time you’ll be going live. If your followers have their notifications for your page turned on, Instagram will also alert them when your live stream starts. Here’s an example of a graphic we would use to go live!

(P.S- We’re really going live today at 9am to talk all things Instagram updates!)

Now that you’ve given your followers a heads up, you’ll want to make sure you’re giving them the best-quality stream possible. To do so, you may want to consider investing in some video equipment and iphone attachments. Some of our favorite products include: a wide lens iPhone attachment, microphone iPhone attachment, and a tri-pod. You can find these items on Amazon!

So HOW do you actually go live on each platform? Easy!

Open your home feed page and click on the camera icon as if you were to post a story. Or to make it even simpler, swipe to the right to open the extension. Once it is open, swipe right along the bottom over to “Live”. Once you do so, click the “Go Live” button and you are set!

Open your home page and make sure you’re on the correct profile or business page. Right above where you can write a post, you will see a “Live” button. Click on that and hit “Start Live Video” when you are ready!

From tutorials to interviews to special events and more, there are so many fun ways to use the “live” feature!   Start thinking about what content you could potentially share via a live stream!


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