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June 3, 2019

Let’s Talk #Hashtags!

Hashtags. You’ve seen them before and kind of, sort of know how they work. They’re so simple but so important in helping you reach your target audience on Instagram. Hashtags make your content discoverable to viewers who you may not have seen it otherwise!

Why should you use hashtags? Well for starters, it can help grow your community and can increase your follower count, but it can also help generate a Return on Investment (ROI). Hashtags are a great way to get users to interact with your brand and help create user-generated content. Asking your audience to use your personalized brand hashtag helps create more, authentic content that in return, you can repost to your account!

So, which hashtags are the right hashtags? There are three categories of hashtags: branded, industry-specific and content-based. Your branded hashtag is specific to your company. Our branded hashtag is #Bintertwined and we use it on every single Instagram post! Having a branded hashtag aggregates posts from you and your audience. Encourage your audience to use your hashtag when appropriate!

Next up is industry-specific hashtags, which are more general and are widely used by the entire Instagram community. For example, we use hashtags like #SocialMediaAgency #ContentCreators #OCBusiness and #KeepSocialMediaSocial because they relate to our line of business. Lastly, there are content-based hashtags aka specific tags based on what is in the photo. If we posted an awesome team photo to introduce ourselves (like we challenged everyone to do recently!), we would include hashtags such as #WomenOwnedBusiness #WomenInBiz #MeetTheTeam #GetToKnowUs because they relate to what is in the photo and what we’re discussing in the caption.

We know what you’re thinking – all of this sounds awesome, but how do I find hashtags relevant to me or my brand?! The best way to find relevant hashtags is to simply search an applicable word on Instagram! You can see if there are other people using that hashtag with similar content. Even better – Instagram will suggest other similar hashtags if it’s a popular one! Try to avoid choosing hashtags with MILLIONS of uses as you are likely to be pushed too far down in the explore tab for anyone to see your post. Instead, focus on hashtags with uses of 5,000 – 100,000 uses!

Now that you know what type of hashtags you need to get your content seen, let’s set a hashtag goal! This week, challenge yourself to find 10-15 new hashtags that you can start using on your posts. Start a document where you save those hashtags and then at the end of the month, go back and add 10 more. This way your hashtag list is always growing and you’ll always have a list on hand to pull from. You’ll thank us later!


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