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May 8, 2023

Is the Hype Real for AI Chat?

AI is here (and here to stay!) and it has completely changed the definition of efficiency in every industry, including social media. From writing captions to optimizing your content in algorithms, creating targeted recommendations for ads on your feeds, and assisting in blogs like this one, we wanted to touch on some ways you can embrace AI tools in your social media strategy!

The most important thing to note is that generative AI tools are still adapting to language and what users *ACTUALLY* mean when trying to communicate. These tools lack emotional intelligence and often cannot understand the implication of linguistics beyond their literal definitions. 

While these tools may seem like a quick and easy solution in many cases, users need to be aware of potential manipulations and that these tools can be tricked into typing anything based on the information you provide it. Of course, they all try to avoid bias, incorrect, or misleading information but it is important to make sure that you are always fact-checking any AI content.

As of now, this is not a one-stop shop but quantum computing has the potential to bring about several new innovations and improvements for social media platforms. Here are a few potential applications:

In fact, these aren’t just potential applications of AI, they are already happening across multiple social media platforms right now. We mentioned Meta earlier, and they are already testing AI-generated stories on Facebook and Instagram that provide templated frames based on images uploaded to their apps. Snapchat also recently rolled out its “My AI” feature, integrating ChatGPT to respond to user questions!

What is your take on using AI generators to help with your work efficiency? 

By the way, this blog was built off the foundation of a ChatGPT question! 


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