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January 11, 2022

Introducing Instagram’s NEW Feed Options and What It Means for You!

Okay, this can either be devastating to our organic reach or be one of our favorite algorithmic updates – let’s make it the latter shall we! Last week, Instagram Head, Adam Mosseri, dropped a big virtual bomb on us all when he unveiled that Instagram will be reverting to old times and reinstating our beloved chronological feed … HA not really, well kind of, we’ll explain.

The Update Breakdown
The new menu will contain 3 feed setting options for how Instagram will display posts: home, favorites, and following. Easy enough! The Home feed is what we know today (a machine learning display ranked by our interests and the algorithm). Are you with us? The Favorites feed will be populated with the people you select to be shown at the top of your list – friends, fav industry accounts, and that puppy IG that gives you life. Finally, the Following feed will be an updated version of the reverse-chronological feed we all know. You will be able to toggle between the different feeds with the home feed being the default setting each time you open the app. Okay, so what does this mean for us?

3 Tips for New Feed Options
Now that we got the technical explanation out of the way… what the heck does this mean for anyone that doesn’t want their posts to be lost in digital space?! We predict that organic reach is about to go down with people initially experimenting with which feed option they prefer. So, let’s get you started on the right foot with these tips to get to the top of your audience’s feed display.

Tip 1 – Post Often: We suggest amping up your posting schedule so you can be seen by as many users as possible, especially if they are toggling between the Home and Following feed. If you are posting 3 times a week, try ramping up to 5 posts – carousel posts will give you an extra boost in reach!

Tip 2 – Quality Content: With our previous tip in mind, be sure you are still creating top-tier content. Remember your audience wants to feel inspired, educated, and/or entertained when they open the app!

Tip 3 – Favorites Feed: When you combine amping up your posting schedule with quality content, your audience will undoubtedly add you to their Favorites feed. But they may need a reminder! Always include calls-to-action on your posts, stories, graphics, and reels. See our Instagram post for a list of CTAs you could use!

Mosseri says that the new feed options are still testing and only some users have access to the new update, but expect (AND PLAN) for a full roll out in the first half of this year. So, less than half of our office has the update and the other doesn’t. Do you have the update? What do you think of the change? Let us know in the comments and visit our Instagram to take the poll!

And, since we practice what we preach, go ahead and add @BIntertwined to your favorites so we can keep helping you level up!


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