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June 22, 2021

Instagram “Drops” It Like It’s Hot!

Instagram has done. it. again. Much like our friend, Mr. Snoop, Instagram continues to shock and awe us (from rapper to reality tv star and now apparently Snoop does wine?!!). Instagram isn’t just a platform for only sharing photos – it’s a multi-dimensional app that’s exploring more and more shopping features. Most recently, they’ve added a new feature to their shop tab called Drops! It’s hot…..so let’s drop it!!

What is Drops?

It’s an awesome way for business owners to create allllll the buzz for their upcoming products leading up to their release. Drops also allows you to generate hype for products that will be released for a limited time. You can use fun product launch stickers and reminders in posts, stories, and reels so your followers know about your upcoming product launch! 

Cool Features of Drops

Drops has its own spot at the top of the shop tab, so users can easily find new and upcoming product releases. Once someone finds a product they may be interested in, they can see details like the price, availability, and any other info they’ll need. You can also sign up for reminders for products they may be interested in and make purchases directly in the app. AND get this – you can save items to your wishlist or share products through DMs to your friends! Woot woot!!!

Drops is an awesome tool to create buzz and intrigue around your products AND a great way to maximize your reach as a business. We’re so excited for you to give this new IG feature a spin!


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