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October 22, 2019

How to Use Stock Photos on Social Media

It can be a challenge to produce enough quality photos for your business or brand. Not only do you have to find visual content for your blog and website, but these days it seems we have to crank out an endless stream of visuals to our Facebook feeds, Twitter, and the ever-perfect Instagram (of course!) So, what’s the solution here?? Two words: Stock Photography!

Stock photos can make us stop, read and take action… IF you know how to use them! In this post, we’re sharing some tips and strategies for using stock photos seamlessly as part of your social medial content strategy.

1. Choose Photos to Match Your Feed

If you choose stock photos that match the style of your existing photos or images, then they will look less “stocky” (yes, that’s a word) and your followers will begin to recognize your style. For example, if your brand is quirky, colorful and fun, you’ll want to choose stock photos with lots of bold, bright colors to match your feed.

2. Use Photos from the Same Photographer or Series

Once you’ve found a stock image that matches your brand’s aesthetic, keep going back for more! You’ve already done the hard work finding the right style with the first photo. Chances are that the same photographer will have even more similar photos to choose from in their gallery!

(Photos taken by founder Marissa Cristina @stillclassics)

3. Mix the Stock Photos with Your Own Photos

This is a public service announcement – don’t blast your feed with stock photo after stock photo! Mix them with your own content, use them as the background of a quote, or a call out for a blog post (see more on this in #4). The key here is to plan ahead and sprinkle them in occasionally and in a variety of ways. Stick to a schedule to ensure that the stock photos blend in well with your original content.

4. Choose Photos that Allow You to Add Overlays

From adding a header to your Pinterest image to creating a quote graphic, sometimes we need to add text onto an image. It can take a simple stock photo to transform your image into something that doesn’t look so… ya know, “stocky.” PRO TIP – when searching for the perfect photo stock images for adding overlays, use terms like “copy space” or “white space” to find images that allow for space to add text!


We hope this post has come to your rescue! Once you find the right style, using stock photos on social media is a great strategy for building a strong aesthetic, posting more often, and showcasing your brand’s message.

Still in need of more assets for your social media shares? Visit this blog we created on how to use UGC to help fill your feed!


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