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May 26, 2020

How to Plan the Perfect Photo Shoot for Your Brand

Branded photos are essential. You can never have enough assets and let’s be real, we never have enough! Amiright?! If there’s one thing you can do to improve your brand image and control your storytelling, it’s investing in styled photo shoots. A successful photo shoot will give you the freedom to showcase who you are, what you do and connect you to your ideal client. No longer will you be held captive by stock photos, design templates and outdated images or worse – a dark, blurry cell phone pic of your lunch.

Here are our top tips for planning a successful brand photo shoot:

TIP 1: Create a Vision and Set Your Goals
It’s important to go into every photo shoot with a vision in mind. Setting goals for what you want to accomplish is key to making sure your photoshoot is efficient and that you’re getting the most images during the time! Think about where you’ll be using these photos: website, blog posts, social media, newsletter, online courses and other promotional content.

From there, you can dictate what type of shots you need to produce – for example, horizontal, vertical, square crop, detail or wide shot, colored backdrop or white space. Identifying where your brand photos will show up will help you plan out the exact shots you need, provide you with a range of content that is still cohesive and within your brand style, and ensure that you end up with content that fits within the specifications of various platforms!

TIP 2: Create a Detailed Shot List
You don’t want to show up to the shoot and then just be standing there unsure of what to do, so having an idea of the types of shots you need will ensure everything runs smoothly! Try to be as specific as possible when writing down ideas for each shot, and if you have ideas for specific props to be included, the style of shot, or a specific crop, include those details! Here is a list of some examples we’ve used in previous photo shoots:

This is your chance to get really specific with each shot, making sure you’re including a variety of shots, including any colors, signature backgrounds or props that are associated with your brand!

PRO TIP: Think about time frame. Will these photos be used for the next month? Quarter? Think about what you will want to share, highlight, sell during that time frame. Check national days, holidays, seasons and plan accordingly so you have plenty of relevant content to use.

TIP 3: Choose the Right Photographer
Choosing an experienced photographer will prepare you to have the best photo shoot possible! You want to work with someone who is behind your brand vision and passionate about capturing content that is unique to your brand. We’ve worked with the same experienced brand photographer for years and couldn’t be happier – you can learn more about Kylie & Co in this post! Once you choose a photographer who is the perfect fit, it’s crucial to communicate your ideas and goals! Telling your photographer what you want ahead of time will help them prepare, be a creative partner, and allow them to manage their time on the day of the shoot.

TIP 4: Find a Brand-Aligned Location
Now that you have a solid plan for the types of shots you need and a photographer to capture everything, it’s time to source a location for the actual shoot! It can be anywhere from your office to a communal coffee shop to a team member’s home. Keep in mind lighting and brand colors! Make sure the location you choose has different backdrops or spaces to work with so that, at the end of the day, you’ll have a wide variety of photos.

PRO TIP: Call ahead to ensure you don’t need permits/permissions to shoot on that location if it’s not a public space.

TIP 5: Plan Your Outfits Out Ahead of Time
Your outfits can make or break your photo shoot so it’s important to plan ahead! Choose from a pre-determined color palette that compliments your location – and most importantly your brand colors. Planning out your outfits and even trying them on before the shoot will make a world of difference for when you step in front of the camera! Trust us… this will save you the heartache later of getting your photos back and being majorly disappointed because those jeans don’t fit the way you wanted. If you’re planning to use these photos over the course of a few months, then consider choosing outfits that go with multiple seasons. Mix it up and maximize your photo shoot!

TIP 6: Source Your Props
Since these photos are meant to represent your brand, chances are you’ll have a lot of items on hand that you can use. Think of the items and tools that you use on a daily basis and consider using these as props! Every little detail in the shot, right down to your nail polish choice or the case on your phone, should be thought through – it’s just another opportunity to reinforce your brand style!

So, there you have it – our top tips for planning a successful brand photoshoot! With the right prep, your styled photo shoot will help elevate your brand so that when people see your images online, they immediately know it’s your content and it feels connected to the rest of your brand.

Don’t forget to sign up HERE for access to our Free Styled Photo Shoot Checklist! This is the perfect list to have in your bag on the day of your shoot so that you can stay organized and on-track!

Hopefully we convinced you of the value of brand photo shoot to garner the exact assets you want to share. But, if we just overwhelmed you, don’t stress! You know we can help! Email us today and we can help you create, plan and produce your styled shoot!


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