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July 28, 2020

How to Pin Like a Pro!

We love Pinterest! It’s our jam! And after reading this blog post, it will be yours too! WE PROMISE!

A few quick reminders about the purchasing platform, yup, please note we didn’t say social media platform, we said PURCHASING, to set you up for success!

Follow these quick steps and you will be Pinning Like a Pro:

Step 1: Optimize EVERYTHING for search. While being creative with board titles and pin descriptions can be fun, it can also mean not showing up to as wide an audience as possible.  Think like your buyer. What words would they use to find your product or service. Make sure you use those keywords in your boards and pins, titles and descriptions to get your pins seen!

Step 2: Pin EVERYTHING from your website, blog, online shop and Instagram feed. Not only will this help you populate your boards with branded content, it will drive Instagram followers and traffic into your website. Every image on your site is pinnable so be sure you hit every page!

Step 3: Review EVERYTHING in analytics! Ok well not everything, nobody has time for that! But do find your top performing pins and content. Then revamp and repin to get even more traffic!
That’s it. Three steps to showing up, driving website traffic and increasing sales! You got this you Pinning Pro you!

Now go get to pinning and being awesome!


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