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August 3, 2021

How to Make the Most Out of Your IGTVs!

Instagram is an amazing app with lots of different content tools, which means it’s easy to get overwhelmed! But we’re here to talk about one IG tool that we LOVE and can’t recommend enough – IGTV! There’s a huge demand for user generated videos right now and IGTV is an awesome way to connect with your followers through long-form video content. Other cool features of IGTV – it allows you a clickable link in your description AND you can create your own series! You can also automatically post to your feed and stories for greater reach!

Because you want to be the best content creator that ever was, read our tips below to learn how to make the most out of your IGTVs! You’re now on your way to content creation stardom!

Growing Your Audience

IGTV lets you upload videos that are up to an hour long. Super cool! There’s not a search option for IGTV yet. BUT you can use stories and posts to let your followers know when you have a new IGTV go live! So, what kind of content should one post in an IGTV?

Intro Videos

Intro videos are a great first IGTV post! They can establish your brand by giving you the opportunity to introduce yourself, your team and your brand values. Showing your face or behind the scenes of your profile is a fantastic way to build trust and intrigue with your customers or clients.

Tutorials + How To’s

A relevant “how to” video for your brand is a great way to get your followers engaged! If you’re a food blog, share some recipes or cooking tips. If you’re a beauty brand, share a skincare routine or makeup tutorial. Providing valuable knowledge to your followers gives them a reason to pay attention to your content!

Q + A Sessions!

Here’s a HOT TIP: use the question sticker in your stories to ask your followers what they want to know about! This gives you a great jumping off point for your next IGTV. Directly answering your follower’s questions once again creates that brand-building trust we keep talking about! Yeah baby!

Well, what do you think?! Are you convinced enough to start using IGTV to engage with your followers more? We believe in you! If you’ve already used IGTV, we hope you found these tips helpful for the next time you create a long-form video! Regardless, HAVE FUN with it because that’s what social media is all about!!


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