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July 2, 2019

How To Create Photo Presets

Social media is all about branding, and one of the most important aspects of branding is being sure that your content is always consistent! This includes creating a theme or aesthetic for your posts that you’ll use across all platforms. When people scroll through their feed, they should be able to quickly identify your posts! So how do you do it? Today we’re going to share how to create custom photo presets on both VSCO and Adobe Lightroom in order to establish a brand aesthetic!


1. A free account on VSCO allows you unlimited access to 10 presets already designated on the app. VSCO has numerous other presets that can be unlocked with a purchase of a membership, but that is ultimately not necessary in order to create a preset for your photos.

2. Once you establish the free preset you like best, be sure to mess around with features like exposure, contrast, saturation, and so on until you find the perfect edit that best highlights your content!

3. While there is no way to save a user preset on VSCO, copying photo edits is as simple as can be, making it easy to reuse a desired edit on all content. Click on the photo in your studio, tap the three dots icons in the bottom right corner and hit “Copy Edits”. Unclick the photo you copied from and click the photo you desire to edit. Again, hit the three dots icon and “Paste Edits” and you are good to go!

VSCO is a perfect tool for beginners because it’s easy to use and comes with default presets that are ready to use. Not only is VSCO a simplified photo editor, it is almost like another social media platform! You can follow people, like their photos, save them to personal journals and share personal photography, making the circulation of content and inspiration endless!

Adobe Lightroom:

1. If you’re a true Instagram lover, then you’ve definitely heard of Adobe Lightroom! In comparison to VSCO there are a lot more options in terms of elements you can edit within your photo. This app takes a bit more time to learn than VSCO, but the final edits and eventual ease are so worth it!

2. One thing we really love about Lightroom is that you can create user presets and save them for future use! All you have to do is upload your photo, edit it, and tap the three dots icon in the top right corner. From there, tap “Create Preset,” type in a desired name, and hit the check mark! Now you have a personal preset in the “User Presets” function that you can use for all your content in order to keep a consistent aesthetic across all platforms!

3. If you struggle with finding the right edits, not to worry. Adobe Lightroom presets are all the rage right now. You can even purchase a preset from Etsy, where prices range from $5 to $10. These presets come with easy to follow installation instructions and will save to your “User Presets” for easy, future access! Just like VSCO, purchasing a preset isn’t necessary but it is a quick way to create a brand aesthetic.

Adobe Lightroom takes all the hassle out of editing photos! With the click of a few buttons you have a fast and efficient way to edit photos in order to create consistency and eye-catching content. We love that you can save your personal presets, and experiment with a wide variety of edits on your content. Check out how our Instagram feed looks using our custom Lightroom preset!
Photo editing and branding go hand in hand, making it important to utilize presets on your content in order to create a brand-aligned aesthetic! Experiment with brand presets today and find the perfect one to fit your style!


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