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March 24, 2020

Guest Post: Meet Kylie & Co. Photography!

Humans are visual creatures and the way we interact with imagery online is no exception! Your website and social media platforms should have consistent, high-quality content that effectively showcases your products, services and team!

As Social Media Managers, we know a thing or two about the importance of producing high-quality photos for our feed. We are also well aware of what our strengths and weaknesses are… in which case it’s probably best that we leave photo shoots up to the professionals! Meet Kylie Chevalier – a wife, NEW mama to her first-born daughter and the creative genius behind Kylie and Company Photography! Read on to learn more about her business, family and a few of her favorite things!


This bright, bubbly and oh-so talented friend of ours has a gift for capturing ordinary moments and turning them into extraordinary memories! Kylie first started photographing weddings and families about 8 years ago. Fast forward to today, and her small business has expanded into servicing engaged couples and brands from all types of industries! For more information about the services below, click here!

Kylie does an incredible job working with brands and businesses to create beautiful and compelling content that keep audiences coming back for more! Having a social media photographer can help your online presence in so many ways… personal connection being one of those ways! It’s important for your clients to connect to not only the products and services you’re providing but they need to connect personally with YOU!

If you’re looking for a photographer for business needs or any occasion, do not hesitate to reach out to Kylie & Co. We promise you won’t be disappointed!!


A true California girl, Kylie grew up in sunny Southern California and graduated from California Baptist University. It seems fitting that her background in graphic designing later turned into a passion for photography!

This Orange County creative lives in Newport Beach with her husband, Max, one-month old daughter, Leni, and first-born fur baby, Moose! When she’s not behind the camera shooting her shots, she loves to spend time traveling, riding bikes (triathlete stud over here), trying out new recipes and soaking up all the newborn love! For more behind-the-scenes of all things family and photography, you can follow her on InstagramFacebook and Pinterest!


From one small business owner to another, we understand the hurt and struggle we’re all facing right now during this time of crisis. Even though we may be stuck indoors, there are still ways to support small businesses in your local community! Leave a joyful comment on their post, give them a shout out on your platform, write them a review online… whatever it may be, we challenge you to reach out to a local small business near you that may need some extra love, support and FREE kindness!

Note: This is not a promotional post. We are receiving no incentive or compensation for sharing this information.


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