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March 30, 2021

Getting Pin-ny With It! – PART 2

Are you ready for a very Pinterest-ing dive into how to implement keywords into your pins?! Now, grab that list of keywords you found in your recon mission from last post and let’s have some fun!

Because Pinterest is a search engine, keywords are CRUCIAL for letting the AI of Pinterest (called Pixie!) know what your pin is all about and appropriately categorize it. Keywords essentially help your content get seen by people who are searching for those words. So go ahead, get creative and implement your keywords into your pin titles and descriptions. TIP: Get more niche specific using long-tail keywords rather than using one word like “Pinterest” or “Social Media,” for example:

BUT make sure you resist the urge to get too keyword happy! They are very important, but we also have to write for HUMANS who are looking for your content! The way you do this is use power words that are emotive and that grab their attention. You want to, just like with Pixie, let people know what your pin is all about! There’s a balancing act between writing for Pixie and writing for people. The more you pin and study what performed well, the more you’ll get the hang of it!

While you’re allowed to write descriptions that are up to 500 words, Pinterest has expressed that their AI prefers them to be 1-2 sentences. SO you have to get creative and be concise, while also making an impact to try to engage people. KEEP IN MIND: Hashtags used to be functional on Pinterest, but they no longer are clickable!

Stay tuned for our 3rd and final blog post next week all about how to choose the right images for your pins, more tips on pin optimization and lastly, we’ll divulge an expert tip involving secret boards! See you then!


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