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March 23, 2021

Getting Pin-ny With It! – PART 1

Have you ever had a colleague or friend tell you, “Pinterest doesn’t work”? We’re here to tell you that’s as outdated as your 1999 hairstyle!

We get it. Pinterest can be pretty unassuming when it comes to finding the right social media platforms that’ll help grow your business. But it actually can be an amazing way to drive traffic to your site, build an audience and propel your business!

INSIDER TIP: We are seeing a HUGE increase in Pinterest site traffic with more people at home looking for recipes, fitness routines, life hacks and home improvement projects.

  • In this article, we’ll cover:
    How Pinterest Really Works
    How to Optimize Your Boards
    How to Do a Keyword Search

Think of Pinterest as Google’s Fancy Cousin!

Yep, it’s a search platform just like Google. Also, like Google, Pinterest indexes every pin. That means it goes to the pin, reads the data on that pin and also goes to the destination URL to find out what’s there. The platform wants to make sure that what’s on the pin matches the destination link. Why? Because Pinterest wants to be the #1 source for people to find amazing content to support whatever it is they’re looking for. Imagine if you click on a pin and go to that pin’s link and the site you were directed to was spammy or not what the pin was promising, you will not want to go back to Pinterest! This is why optimizing your content on Pinterest is SUPER important! The ultimate goal of harnessing the true power of Pinterest is to help its AI understand what your pin is about.

How to Nail Your Board Optimization!

When you create a board, Pinterest only allows you to create the title at first. So you’re going to have to go back in and add keywords that you’ve researched to the title and description. Keep in mind, the description can only be added after the board has been created.

To figure out if your boards are fully optimized, you want to make sure that all of the pins in your board fit with the board’s topic or theme. If you find content that doesn’t fit in your board, you can move the pin to the most relevant board or delete it.

How To Become a Master Keyword Spy on Pinterest

Are you ready to 007 this ish?! There are 3 ways to do keyword research:

Search Bar
When you type something in the search bar, Pinterest will autofill with other similar keywords that have been searched. When you click on one of those, Pinterest will give you additional keyword bubbles underneath the search bar that you can use. Make note of these!

Trends Tool
A new Pinterest feature! Click on Analytics in the upper left hand corner, and in the drop down, click “Trends.” You can use this tool to see how a keyword has performed over time. When you type in a keyword into Pinterest Trends, it’ll suggest other keywords that are relevant to that main keyword. Score!!

Create Ads Without Running Ads
So sneaky! Under Create in top left, click “Create Ad.” Next click “Continue” at the bottom to get to the second page. Type in your keyword and it will give you a ballpark idea of how many searches there are for that keyword per month. BONUS, on that same page in the upper right-hand corner, you’ll see the potential audience size for that keyword. It’s helpful to know which keywords are most popular and know which keywords Pinterest recommends. They recommend keywords based off relevancy, not just keywords that match or are variations of the words you search. So, you can get a lot of great ideas for your current pin or future pins using this ads feature!

Now, pour yourself a martini, you’ve earned it!

Stay tuned for Part 2 next week, where we’ll share how to use the keywords you’ve collected in your recon mission and how best to fully optimize your pins! We’ll also share an expert tip involving secret boards AND what to do when a pin falls flat!

Get ready to get your Pin on!


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