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July 6, 2021

Get the Lowdown on Twitter Spaces!

“She needs wide-open SPACES!” Don’t worry, you’ll get all the space you need with Twitter’s new audio feature! With apps like Clubhouse and the popularity of podcasts, audio streaming is having a MOMENT. Twitter is now venturing into that world with its own audio-streaming service called Spaces! We are here for it!

What is Twitter Spaces?

It’s a way for someone to host and participate in a live, audio conversation in a Space, or audio chat room! Accounts with 600 or more followers are able to create a Space and host a discussion, but any user can listen to a Space! How cool is that?! 

How Does it Work?

Starting a Space works the same way as composing a tweet, or creating a fleet! You can have your speech captioned so users can see subtitles while listening. You can also invite other speakers to join in on the conversation among your followers!

How a Listener Can Join the Convo!

To join a Space as a listener, look at the top of your timeline for a purple bubble (see below) – it’ll stay there as long as a user is live. You can react with emojis or a tweet, you can DM the Space OR request to join the discussion as a speaker. Who doesn’t love audience participation?!

Social media keeps expanding in new ways and we’re jazzed about it!! We can’t wait for you to give this new feature a try – it’s a great way to have a brand-aligned audio conversation on Twitter, boost engagement and hear your followers voices, literally!


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