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August 17, 2021

Get a Boost with LinkedIn’s NEW Features!

We all know that LinkedIn is an AHmazing tool for building and engaging with your professional network! But they’ve recently launched new tools to help you expand reach with your LinkedIn posts and event related ads AND they’ve also expanded into custom streaming tools! We’re pretty jazzed about it, so let’s dive right in!

What are Boosts?

Boosts are a new feature on LinkedIn to use for your regular posts! Let’s say you post something super awesome, get some exciting reactions and see there’s potential for more engagement. Just hit the “boost” button, go through a few payment details and you’ll be able to share it with a bigger audience! BAM!

Planning an Event?

LinkedIn also has a new ad format called “Event Ads” that will help you measure the organic reach and engagement of your LinkedIn events! It will help you promote your event by highlighting key details like the date and time, to a whole new audience! You guys know we LOVE a good event;)

Ready to Stream?

  • LinkedIn Live is a powerful video tool that you’re probably familiar with! It enables real-time conversations between creators and viewers to share and connect with each other, but now you have more flexibility in how you stream to LinkedIn. Custom Streaming allows you to stream with broadcast tools you’re already comfortable with like Zoom, WebEx, and OBS to make it easier on you! SCORE!Well, what do you think – are you sold on trying out these new LinkedIn tools?! We promise you, they’ll give your LinkedIn presence a total boost!xoxo,

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