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July 16, 2019

Five Ways Instagram Stories Can Up Your Social Media Game

Remember when Instagram first introduced their version of stories and everyone thought it was going to be too much like Snapchat stories? Fast-forward to 2019 and Instagram stories have now become their own unique mini platform! Snapchat didn’t stand a chance. So why should you absolutely positively be using Instagram stories? Here are five ways they can up your Social Media game!

1. Viewership: It’s no secret that Instagram is one of the most widely used Social Media apps but did you know that more people watch Instagram stories than interact with feed posts? You read that right – more people will watch your story than see your posts in the feed! Instagram stories have more than 400 million viewers each day, that’s twice what Snapchat receives. That’s a ton of Instagram engagement just waiting to happen!

 2. Highlights: One of the best features of Instagram stories is the profile highlights. Your favorite Instagram stories can live on forever using highlights! Choose four or five categories that best represent your content and organize your favorite stories into these categories.

 3. Engagement: Another great part of Instagram stories are the engagement features. You can create a quiz, share a link (if you have over 10k followers), have a poll, and answer questions. These features allow your audience to quickly and easily interact with you. The best part? Every action that people take in your stories tells the algorithm that your content is relevant and should be served up to more people!

4. Shareability: Along with engagement comes shareability. If you run a public account, users can easily share your stories with their friends and family, increasing both your reach and potential audience. They can then view your profile and learn about your brand through your content and aforementioned story highlights.

5. Authenticity: Instagram stories are also a lot more casual and therefore can be more authentic! No need to worry about having the perfect photo with the perfect filter, because these can disappear after 24 hours. While you always want to make sure your content is on-brand, stories allow you to be more real-time and get more creative with your content. Feel free to repost brand relevant content from other accounts or hop on trends that come up across Social Media. Stories are where your followers can see the more personal side of your brand!

Instagram stories are easy, fast, fun, and free! Challenge yourself to post at least one story a week and as you get more comfortable, you’ll be posting even more in no time!


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