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July 30, 2019

Five Reasons to Create a Social Media Messaging Calendar

This week is all about calendars! We absolutely adore calendars and can’t get anything done without them (literally). But we’re not just talking any calendars, we’re talking Social Media messaging calendars. Here are our five reasons why you should be using Social Media messaging calendars!

1. Organization. We know Social Media can get overwhelming at times, especially when you have to post to multiple platforms. A Social Media messaging calendar allows you to plan out your content for the week (or two weeks, a month, whichever you prefer!) so you know exactly what you’re posting at what time and on which platform. No need to play a day-to-day guessing game! With a messaging calendar, you’ll never forget about that awesome photo or great article that you definitely have to share!

2. Flexibility. While a messaging calendar does mean planning in advance, it doesn’t mean your content should be locked into place.  Say an event occurs that you want to be sure you are posting about; you can go into your calendar, swap in the new post and then move the extra post to a future calendar. Social Media is all about being flexible!

3. Maintaining Your Aesthetic. Aesthetic is everything on Instagram and a messaging calendar allows you to lay out your photos ahead of time in order to see what they look like together. Do the colors flow? Is there a good mix of content? You’ll never know unless you plan ahead with a calendar!

4. Consistency. If you’re someone who finds themselves forgetting to post or posting once and then not posting again for two weeks, a messaging calendar will be your best friend! No more going days without posting because you don’t have content – it will all be ready to go in your calendar. Start your calendar with as much or as little as you’re comfortable with – maybe that’s one post a day or three posts a week – it’s all about making realistic goals. Having achievable posting goals will help you stay consistent.

5. Time efficient. Your time is valuable!! The use of a calendar will save you so much time when deciding who, what, where, and when to post. You’ll know in advance what content is ready to be shared, as well as exactly what that content is. This also allows you to schedule posts in advanced so that you aren’t constantly tied to your phone trying to figure out what to post.

Social Media messaging calendars have helped us stay on our A game and we know they’ll help you too!  Try creating your own Social Media calendar for your account and let us know if it helps you stay more organized, flexible, on-brand, consistent and time-efficient!


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