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October 15, 2020

Easy Ways to Ramp Up Your Facebook Efforts!

Facebook is NOT dead! Each year, Facebook continues to grow in both active users and time spent on the platform. It’s still the most used social platform with nearly 2.45 billion monthly active users, with 74% of those users based in the United States! While it might seem like there’s an urge to use Facebook less, these numbers don’t lie.

So, now that you know Facebook is still alive and well… you need to be alive and doing well there too! While Facebook Pages can be limiting at times there are still ways to generate engagement and growth.

3 Things You Can Do Right Now on Facebook to Increase Engagement

1) Invite!
Invite your friends, contacts and colleagues to follow your page. Fun Fact… you can also invite those that have taken an action on your page but are not yet following you.

Go to one of your organic posts or boosted posts > click on the number of people who took an action on that post > click “invite” to encourage them to follow your page!

2) Groups!
Groups are not just for your mom’s Book Club. Facebook groups are the #1 way brands can garner two-way engagement, receive valuable insights and feedback and have a direct line to your audience! Before you can fill your Facebook group with superfans, you should probably, you know, create the group!

STAY TUNED – in a couple of weeks, we’ll be showing you exactly how to create a Facebook group for your business! *Hint: newsletter subscribers will be receiving a freebie full of best practices for Facebook group marketing*

3) FB Ad Manager
Ads and boosts can help you increase engagement, drive conversions, list build and lead generate and increase followers on your page! Make sure you’re creating the right type of audience and picking the right types of ads. And remember, combining your paid advertising strategy with organic activity is the recipe for success!!

Bonus Tip: LIVE and Stories – these are accounting for a large volume of views on the platform so worth getting over your stage fright and getting in front of the camera!

We know the constant battle against Facebook’s algorithm for reach and engagement has never been tougher… but don’t rule out Facebook just yet! We promise that these three easy tips will help you ramp up your engagement and finally be seen on the feed!


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