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October 1, 2019

Content Ideas to Fill Up Your Social Media Calendar

For a content creator, there is nothing worse than struggling with creative block. Why is it that whenever you’re pressed to create editorial calendars on a deadline, you just can’t think of something original to post?!

Odds are, that’s probably what led you to this newsletter! We ALL need some inspiration every now and then to help us shake off the dust and get back to creating valuable content. Since today is the first day of a new month, we thought it would be helpful to share 5 effective content ideas to fill up your social media calendar. Let’s jump in!

Social media users are obsessed with staying up-to-date on the hottest social media trends! And these people are going straight to the experts to get the full inside scoop. Who are these experts? Social Media Managers! What’s great is that social media is ever-changing, so this is one topic where you are guaranteed to never run out of content!

Believe it or not, your audience cares about you and they want to see you succeed. Share your successes with them on social media and celebrate together. Whether it be awards you’ve won, reaching a certain number of clients, followers, etc. let your audience know!

Is your team expanding? Let your audience know! Who better to work for your company than a dedicated and loyal follower who has watched your company grow? Or maybe they know someone who would be interested in working for you!

You don’t always have to reinvent the wheel. If a post did well once, what’s to say it won’t do well again?! Realistically, only 3-7% of your followers are receiving your content organically so chances are they haven’t seen it yet! Make sure you optimize your repurposed content for maximum visibility and engagement. Try freshening up the caption, adding a quote, or even cropping the image to give it a different look!

Aside from the big holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, people love engaging with trending topics like fun and relevant “holiday” content. Some of these national days might not relate to your brand at all (and we certainly don’t suggest sharing these and then tacking on a completely irrelevant hashtag for the sake of traffic — that’s just plain annoying). But others might not be, so have fun with it!

And just like that, you now have 5 new content ideas for your upcoming social media calendar. But wait… those aren’t the only topics you can share with your audience! Stay tuned because at the beginning of each month we’ll be sharing more content ideas to REALLY fill up your calendar. Happy Posting!


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