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October 26, 2021

Co-Author Posts With Instagram’s NEW Collab Tag Tool

Collaborating just got easier! Instagram has graced us with yet another update that we think you will ALL be utilizing. Want to partner with other brands or influencers to co-author Instagram content? Now introducing the Instagram Collab Tag! 

What is the Instagram Collab Tag? 

The Instagram Collab tag is only available for reels and feed posts for now and is an efficient way to “co-author, not co-create” a post, Instagram said. Branded giveaways, events, influencer partnerships – the list is infinite on how to make use of the tool! The post will be live on both account grids, and will share organic insights data, like view count, content interactions, and the comment thread. 

What does this mean for you?  

It makes our lives easier – duh! Brands, creators, and consumers will have many more advantages over the other forms of tagging, like the branded content tag. Overall it will: 

✔️ Be faster and easier to re-share content 

✔️ Credit everybody involved in creating a post 

✔️ Improve transparency and trust with your followers 

✔️ Boost reach and engagement on posts 


Our sister company, Intertwined Events, collab tag with Chard Photo reached record insights in just a few days! 

PRO TIP: Head over to our Instagram page to see our latest step-by-step reel that will walk you through the process and get you collab-ing!  


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