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October 12, 2021

Call Me, Beep Me, If You Want to Reach Me: Become Social Media Consulting

Engagement metrics, editorial calendars, marketing strategy, oh my! Keeping up with social media is like keeping up with (insert SUPER relatable simile here). It’s constantly changing and there is SO much information out there it can be downright overwhelming! Believe me we get it – and we are doing this as our full-time jobs!

Time to flip the script! Turn hard into doable and guess work into solid strategy! Become Intertwined is now offering consultation services to implement a social strategy for your brand based on your business’ unique goals! Get ready to have all the insider knowledge of a pro! We wont hold anything back!  Our team of experts will help you analyze your platforms, optimize your presence and give you the tools to build your community.  From understanding trends and updates, to content creation, hashtag strategies, posting cadence, and insights – you will be ready to take the Social Media world by storm!  

Let us walk you through the steps and help you get to your social media brand goals! Contact us today us by emailing info@becomeintertwined.com. We got you!  


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