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September 14, 2021


It’s pretty obvious we all LOVE using Instagram, but get ready to love it even more!

Recently, Instagram started testing a new feature and soon you could be publishing feed posts straight from your desktop!!!

That’s right, you’ll be able to upload photos, videos and IGTV directly from your PC hard drive! Oh wait, it gets even better! You will be able to use all of the regular in-app features like image formatting and filters! Can you tell we’re excited?!

Why is this great news?
This new capability could make your life so much easier if you’re keeping all your content on your computer. So if you’re editing your photos and videos on your desktop, no extra steps need to take place. Also, we’ll always say yes to a bigger screen!
Instagram will be doing small tests for now, but are hoping to expand it to more users soon!
Will you be using IG on your desktop? We sure will! 


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