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February 8, 2022

Big Hackers, Small Business Attacks: Protect Your Accounts and Stay Cyber Secure

Storytime… There once was a thriving small business and an owner who ran that business off a social media app (we’ll call it Instagram!). One morning Instagram informed them that they violated the terms (they did no such thing) and consequently wiped the account. Yup! Just like that, years of content and thousands of followers gone.

Don’t be this story! Hackers will often cyber-attack smaller businesses because there is less sophistication in cybersecurity and greater ease for hackers to target bank accounts or other important information.

So, let’s start thinking like BIG business and protect our precious social media accounts from unwelcome hackers. Keep scrolling for best practices to follow!

Choose a strong password

I don’t know who needs to hear this but “password123″ isn’t going to cut it anymore. Choose a strong password with numbers, symbols, and capital letters, but don’t make it too hard you’ll forget. There are now password manager sites like LastPass or RoboForm if you want the extra security. Swap out the password for something fresh every quarter!

Pro Tip: Use different passwords for work & personal and don’t let apps and websites remember your passwords where you can.

Use two-factor authentication

Next, it’s time to set up that two-step verification step that you’ve been putting off. Some social media accounts automatically require two-factor authentication when you log in with a new device (Thanks, Facebook!). But if you want to keep your accounts very secure, set up two-factor authentication whenever someone signs in to the account.

Pro Tip: Create an email address exclusively for social media management. That way, if a social media account for your company is compromised, the hacker won’t be able to access ALL your sensitive data.

Keep your devices, browsers, and apps up to date

Social media platforms are developing more and more measures to secure our accounts, so automate those software updates!

Pro Tip: Be cautious when accessing social media accounts on wireless networks. Public Wi-Fi connections at restaurants, libraries, airports, and other places of business lack the protections to keep social accounts secure.

Social media is important for every business, but if your accounts are hacked, it can cause serious damage to your business and its reputation. We hope that by you taking these right steps, you can secure your social media accounts from those pesky hackers!

Have you been hacked? What are some tips you do to keep your accounts safe? Let’s chat in the comments!


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