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June 8, 2021

An Insider’s Scoop on Pinterest’s NEW “Idea Pins!”

Opening up this email was the best IDEA ever! Why?! Because, we’re your social media BFFs (it’s Best Friends Day! Wahoo!) and we’re here to share an awesome new Pinterest tool called, “Idea Pins!”

 It’s no secret that Stories are a fun and quick way to boost engagement from your followers on Instagram and Facebook. Pinterest eventually hopped on the Story bandwagon with “Story Pins”, but have now added an interesting TWIST!

What Exactly Are Idea Pins?

They are a fresh look at stories that encourages creators to share long-lasting ideas instead of just temporary content. It includes new editing and publishing tools to make creating these pins easy and fun. The storytelling possibilities are endless!

How Are They Different From IG Stories?

They look very similar to IG stories with access through the profile bubbles at the top of the app that you follow. There, they will also share some Idea Pins you may like based on your activity. It will be focused on short videos that you can tap through, but unlike Instagram, each individual clip can be up to a whole minute! Unlike IG stories, Idea Pins will stay on your profile after 24 hours without the need to add them to your highlights! Say whaaat?!

What Are Some Other Cool Features?

They have lots of fun editing features for Idea Pins like stickers, voiceovers and music. There’s also a “ghost mode,” which lets you overlay your last frame on the editing page to make guiding your video transitions a breeze! You can also use the “details page” to add any additional info like recipe details and product info.

We are beyond stoked about this new tool and all the ways it’ll support your brand building efforts! Idea Pins will help promote your product or services in creative new ways, while also giving you new opportunities to boost your exposure and engagement. Go check it out and have fun bringing your Idea Pins to life!


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