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April 14, 2023

An (Almost) Post-Grad’s Perspective on Breaking Into the World of Social Media Marketing

In our program, students gain hands-on experience and work side-by-side with our executives and account managers to develop and execute communications and social media strategies for our clients and brands.

Hear from our 2023 spring intern, Adia, about her experience as an intern at Become Intertwined. She shares what drew her to joining our team and how she discovered her passion for digital storytelling!

Adia’s Background

Hi, I’m Adia! I’m a senior marketing student at California State University Long Beach and I’m excited to share my experience at Become Intertwined!

As I was growing up, Instagram was just taking off and I had no idea how much this just-for-fun, photo-sharing app would eventually become a huge part of my life from both a personal and professional perspective. Of course, I used Instagram casually throughout high school and college, but honestly, I paid little attention to the growing world of influencers, ads and brand deals. To me, Instagram was just an app I used to connect with friends and family.

Flash forward to my junior year of college, I was a marketing major and was looking for leadership roles in my sorority. The business classes I had taken so far only had to do with statistics, management, and human resources so I had no idea about social media marketing or how big of an industry it truly is. When my sorority offered me the position of Vice President of Marketing, I accepted,  figuring it was a good match for my major and would benefit me in the long run. Little did I know, this position would allow me to dive headfirst into the business side of Instagram, and discover a passion I didn’t know I had. I had the opportunity to analyze different metrics, curate content and write copy in order to maximize our outreach and engagement. 

However, I had no idea that this was just the tip of the iceberg and when I started looking for internships in social media marketing, I couldn’t have guessed just how much I would learn in the coming months!

 The Internship Search Process

As my senior year of college was starting, I knew I wanted to get more serious about marketing and take the next steps in my career growth. I found Become Intertwined through a mutual follower on Instagram and decided to follow them for the helpful tips and tricks they posted for social media managers. When they posted that they were looking for an intern, I applied, and after an interview process where I met the team and learned more about the internship, I was offered the position!

Luckily, when applying I had previous experience in social media marketing, but for anyone interested in breaking into the world of social media marketing, don’t stress if you don’t have any direct experience! You can put any work experience, school presentations, or even papers you wrote as examples of your work.

Emphasizing your skills like creativity, organization, communication, and general knowledge of social media are sure to help you in your search for an internship. One thing I wish I knew is the importance of developing your LinkedIn page! 

What Adia Learned

As soon as I started with Become Intertwined, the whole team was so excited and eager to teach me everything I needed to know about social media management. I was able to practice real-world skills for real clients and learn how to navigate things like third-party scheduling platforms (that I had no idea existed!), time management for multiple accounts and other tasks like inbound and outbound engagement and hashtag research. 

Working in the office at a social media agency was drastically different from the world of social media management I had experienced before, and I have been able to see how impactful social media can be for businesses and organizations. In addition to learning SO much and actually putting my skills to practice, the team helped me curate my creative portfolio and answered any and all questions I had about working in the social media industry full time. Working at an agency is completely different from being an in-house social media marketer, and taking social seriously can make a HUGE difference in the success of a business. 

Social media is the future of marketing, and I am still learning so much every single day. Become Intertwined is always seeking out new interns to join them all year long, and I cannot recommend their program enough! 

We are currently looking for summer interns to join our team! If you are interested in applying, please send in your resume with cover letter and 2 writing samples to info@becomeintertwined.com or click here to learn more about our program and requirements!


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