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May 12, 2020

How to Quickly and Easily Create Fresh Pins

Have you heard?! Pinterest (like every other Social Media Platform right now) is making updates! They just announced that the platform is starting to prioritize newly added content. In case you are scratching your head saying “so what?”… here is a quick recap on why this is a good thing!

So, what exactly is “newly added content?” New graphics count as fresh pins. Fresh is defined by a pin with a new image or URL combination. By creating a new graphic for your older pins, or reusing a popular graphic with new content on your blog or website, Pinterest will recognize it as new content and favor that pin in the algorithm. This will help get more eyeballs and traction on your pin way sooner!

Okay, now you might be asking yourself ‘how do I easily and quickly create new graphics for my older pins?’

For content creators, this is music to your ears! For all of you left brainers out there… you’re probably stressed out thinking about having to create even MORE content. The good news? We have some helpful tips that will allow you to easily and quickly create different templates to freshen up your old pins!

First things first…

1) Which content is worth updating and pinning. Don’t stress. The work has been done for you.  Visit those insights and find your most popular pins. Choose 5 different pieces of content that align with your current offerings of products, service or content.

2) Next, come up with two alternate headlines for each piece of content. Friendly reminder, Pinterest is the “google” of the Social Media platforms. Think in terms of keywords and searches that Pinners would use if they wanted to find your content. That is how you write for Pinterest.

3) Or, determine the new content that would best align with the current graphic and have those links ready to update in the captions.

Now that you have new titles and/or URL’s for your content, it’s time to start designing new templates!

TIP 1: Choose a Graphic Design Platform
Canva and Easil are both awesome graphic design platforms that offer tons of images, fonts, templates and illustrations. We love using Canva for the simple fact that it’s available on any mobile device – perfect for content creators on-the-go!

TIP #2: Select Your Preferred Pin Size
Pinterest is 100% visual — so it’s important to get your image sizing right! And real talk, size matters. Optimize your pins to the long format so that they take up the most real estate in the feed, garnering scroll-stopping moments for searchers.

TIP #3: Create Visually Consistent Pins (aka Use Your Branding!)
With millions of active pinners, you’ve got less than a second to make an impression on your audience. ​Your pins need to be cohesive, but also unique enough to grab your audience’s attention. Using your branding colors and fonts, play around with layering, overlays, shapes, and gradients to make your pins pop!

TIP #4: Include a CTA
To make clicking your pin a no-brainer, add a strong call-to-action to the bottom third of your pin design. Use action words like ‘Download Now!’ or ‘Click to Read More.’ If you’re working on growing your email list with a free download, challenge or e-course, adding a mock-up of your digital product along with your call to action is a great list building strategy. So, show off that pretty opt-in of yours!

You don’t have to be a graphic design pro to follow these basic steps for designing new pins. We hope you found these tips helpful and are ready to get out there and create new, fresh content!


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