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February 9, 2021

5 Ways to Share the Love on Social Media!

It’s almost Valentine’s Day!

Flowers and candy are so cliché, time to spice things up! Want to show your social media followers that you truly love them? Here are 5 gifts that will really melt their hearts!

1) Share Their Content on Your Feed
Nothing shows support for other accounts better than hyping up their content to your own followers! It helps give them exposure and shows that you really value what they’re creating.

2) Send Them a DM About Why You Love What They’re Sharing
Not every gift needs to be seen by many! A genuine and appreciative message to your favorite accounts is the perfect way to spread the love and let them know that they’re doing great work. Your DM will make their day!

3) Provide a Free Offer of Real Value
This doesn’t have to be something huge, but pushing out a discount code, advertising a free gift with purchase, or linking a few downloadable items is a fun way to give back to your customers and the community that supports you.

4) Create Cute Content That They Can Use
This could be in the form of IG story templates, graphics, gif stickers, or anything else that fits your brand! Your followers can repost them and use it with content on their own pages (and their followers might come searching for it on yours… it’s a win-win!)

5) Think Small, Act BIG!
Supporting small businesses in your area/industry is a super important way to give back, especially right now! You can use your presence on social media to give them a platform they might not normally have. This could be in the form of a social takeover, Q&A, or LIVE session that gives them the chance to reach out to your community and share how amazing their business is!

That’s our list! We hope you go big this Valentine’s season and try out some of these ideas!

Be sure to let us know any other ways you are sharing the love this month for a chance to be featured in our stories!


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