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November 13, 2023

5 Tips for Creating Shareable Content on Social Media! 

By Klarissa, Fall Intern

This is too good not to share!

When creating content, we all aim to receive the highest engagement and reach out of each post. Shareable content is a valuable asset to increasing those numbers. Between the constant amount of daily content and the continuously changing algorithm, getting your content to circulate may be more complex than ever. 

What Makes Content Share-Worthy? 

To ensure content is highly shareable, it must be entertaining, relatable, visually appealing, thought-provoking, emotion-inducing, or valuable. (That’s all – no pressure!) Shareable content stands out and compels your audience to comment, repost, like, and share with friends.

Why is Shareable Content Important?

Shareable content drives your reach to those interested. When we find things we like, we recommend and share them with others without being asked, which is the goal of creating shareable content. This results in new potential customers and fans of your brand. 

While any post can be shared, that doesn’t make it shareable content. Here are five tips to help you create content your audience will want to share! 

Tip #1: Take Note of What’s Trending 

It’s trending for a reason. One of the best ways to engage a large, broad audience is to participate in trending topics. Engaging in current events, celebrity news, trending music and more are all opportunities for content creation that will pique the interest of various audiences. If everyone talks about it, it creates a chance to be shareable content. 

It’s important to note that trends might only work for some brands. Take your audience into consideration before speaking on specific topics! 

Tip #2: Be of Value

Valuable content is shareable content. When you find a product that you love, you tell your friends. When a video makes you laugh, you DM it to your friends. When it’s valuable, people want to share it, which creates more reach and brand awareness. Creating valuable content requires you to understand your audience’s wants and needs, so create content that adds value to their lives. Over time, this will build a loyal and engaged audience. There are three E’s of content to incorporate that will make you valuable: emotion, education and entertainment.

Tip #3: Make it Timeless

Making timeless content allows you not to have to rely on trends. Think of content that can be shared over and over again without going out of style. Topics such as industry tips, self-improvement and health and wellness are just a few that are always relevant and being discussed and researched. Timeless content will remain shareable because it maintains its relevance, attracts a broad and diverse audience and continues to provide value over an extended period of time.

Tip #4: Tell a Story

Stories that are relatable, entertaining and even times out of pocket are instant shares! Storytelling also fosters a community; it allows your audience to comment and join in on the conversation and find people who can relate. Often, creators get so many questions that it creates the opportunity for a part two. Storytelling allows for originality that can set you apart. 

Tip #5: Be Original 

Last but not least, original content can create the most significant impact! Find your niche and have fun with it. Being authentic will make your content enjoyable and help your audience connect with you. 

Creating shareable content on social media is both a science and an art. By implementing the five valuable tips we’ve discussed, you can increase your chances of making content that resonates with your audience and becomes shareable. Keep in mind that shareable content not only boosts your reach but also fosters a sense of community that will attract new fans and customers to your brand. Take note of what’s trending, be of value, make it timeless, tell a compelling story and above all, stay true to your authentic self. Share your unique voice and watch your content thrive, making it too good not to share!


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