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June 18, 2019

5 Steps to Styling Flatlays

Flatlays. You know them, you love them, but how do you style the perfect shot? We’ve got you covered! Just follow these five simple steps and you’ll be a flatlay expert in no time!

Pick a neutral background. You’ll be adding a variety of items to your shot, so unclutter by selecting a background that won’t distract! Some of our favorites, like white foam core or a marble cutting board, are easy to get your hands on and can be used multiple times to create a cohesive aesthetic.

Decide on a theme. What items do you want to showcase in your photo? Curating items that work together to tell a story will make the photo feel more natural and unstaged! At Become, we’re all about all things social so we like to use lots of tech essentials in our flatlays! #ProTip – try to stick to using 3 colors, anything more can get a little overwhelming on the eyes!

Find the balance. Be mindful of the shapes of your props. Having too many squares right next to each other won’t flow as well. Don’t be afraid to move items around between the shots to make sure you get the right composition. This can take some time, try a little bit of everything!

Height is key! Flaylays are a bird’s eye view, so get up on that chair! This will help you get all your items even and yes, flat! #ProTip – We could all use a hand! Bring life to your photos by adding a hand interacting with the items.

Minor edits. Lighting is key when it comes to the perfect flatlay. Shoot near a big window or open door to get as much natural light as possible. Avoid shadows from overhead light. If you can’t use natural light, fake it with filters!  Adding a filter can help keep your feed looking clean and concise. We love to use Lightroom presets!

We’d love to see the fabulous flatlays you style! Tag @BIntertwined in your photos on Instagram so we can see your creations!


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