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August 13, 2019

5 Steps to Growing Your Social Media Community

Does the current state of Instagram have you wanting to swear off Social Media all together? Trust us, you’re not alone! When Instagram went down several weeks ago, accounts across ALL industries noticed a big dip in their engagement. It didn’t matter what you posted or when you posted, no one was immune to the latest algorithm change. Why? Well, we can only guess, but we think it’s safe to say this has everything to do with Instagram moving away from vanity metrics. Yes – Instagram has been testing hiding your post likes so they will only be visible to you, not your followers. But just because the likes aren’t coming in the way they used to, doesn’t mean your audience isn’t still there! That’s why today we’re sharing 5 tips on how to keep your Social Media audience growing!

Keep Social Media social! Anytime someone takes an action on your page, they should be receiving one back. Make sure you’re always liking and responding to any comments or DMs you receive so that your audience knows you’re listening and that you appreciate them interacting with you!

Outbound engagement. Use your account to engage with other accounts who post about brand-related content. You can find these profiles by looking through your relevant hashtags and even your explore page. Liking and commenting on other content makes your account within reach of those also engaging with the same accounts. Odds are that these followers will also enjoy your content!

Stories. As the algorithm continues to make it more difficult for your feed posts to get seen, we’re actually seeing a big increase in story views. Consider switching to a more story-focused strategy rather than solely focusing on your feed. When people take an action on your story, that counts as a DM and tells the algorithm that your content is relevant and should be served up to more people!

Hashtags. Hashtags aren’t going anywhere and they’ll still remain important for engagement and growing your following. But did you also know that you can use hashtags in stories? It’s true! Choose a few hashtags, make them super small and hide them somewhere in your story slide – this will help your stories show up to more people!

Tagging relevant accounts. Can you think of other accounts who might appreciate your content and possibly even re-share it on their page? Tag them in your post or story! A lot of accounts today are big on re-gramming or re-sharing to their story because you’re literally handing them relevant content to use. If they do choose to re-share, they should always credit your account and that way your profile is getting seen by a whole new audience!

Don’t let Instagram win! Social Media is always changing, so you have to be ready to change with it. Keep the “social” in Social Media and consider new strategies to get your content seen by more followers.  You can do this!


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