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June 11, 2019

The biggest social media struggle? Content, content, content! Who has time to have a photoshoot every other week? Definitely not us! What if we told you there’s an easy way for you to curate your content?

Three words: User. Generated. Content.

User Generated Content (we call it UGC!) is any content posted by the social media community – so that can be a photo, video, tweet, story, etc! There are two types of UGC: content that someone has specifically posted about your brand and content that is simply brand-aligned.

When someone snaps a picture of your product/service, posts it to their social account and tags you in it, that’s UGC! They’re giving your brand FREE publicity and also FREE content. Screenshot or download the photo they tagged you in and share to your page – giving proper photography credit, of course! There’s no shame in asking for UGC either! Encourage your audience to post a picture of your product/service and tag you in it or use your branded hashtag for a chance to be featured. People love to see their name in lights aka on social media! The more your followers see that you share other people’s photos on your page, the more they’ll start sharing photos with you!

Airbnb is a perfect example of how to gather UGC. In fact, they only post UGC! That’s right – all of their content is from people who posted a photo at their Aibnb and tagged Airbnb in the photo.

*Photography Credit: Airbnb*

If your brand isn’t one that would necessarily have people tagging you in photos, you can also use brand-aligned UGC. Brand-aligned UGC is content that someone else has posted but is related to your brand and is in your brand colors or fits your brand’s style. You’ve probably seen plenty of accounts use UGC of quotes or memes! What does UGC look like for us? Since we’re based in Orange County, we might look for UGC of a gorgeous SoCal sunset that we can use to talk about where we’re located. How would we go about finding that sunset picture? Easy! We’d search through hashtags of nearby beaches like #NewportBeach or #LagunaBeach and also search the location tags for those places.

But don’t forget, you absolutely have to give proper photo credit when sharing brand-aligned UGC! Best practices say to send a DM requesting permission or at the very least check their profile to ensure they don’t request permission before use.  It goes without saying that your entire page shouldn’t be composed of brand-aligned UGC (because how would people get to know your actual brand?!) but it’s a great way to help curate content when you’re completely out of assets.

Who’s ready to get out there and start curating some UGC?!


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