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June 30, 2020

It’s National #SocialMediaDay!

If you’re a Social Media manager, content creator, blogger or a total techie, you can understand our excitement when June 30th rolls around! Why? Because today is #NationalSocialMediaDay!! This year will mark the 10th annual Social Media Day, an event that was first launched in 2010 by Mashable to recognize the incredible growth and impact that social networks have had on our world.

Here at Become Intertwined, we are all about Social Media! We live, work and breathe it all day every day, so you better believe will be celebrating accordingly! This specific day is a day to celebrate and reflect all the good that Social Media has brought to our society. It has redefined how people interact, communicate, brand, sell and share with family, friends and people all over the world.

Want to participate in Social Media Day? Duh, of course you do! Here are some things you can do to join in on the celebration:

  •       > Use #SMday on your social posts and Stories
  •       > Follow @Mashable on Instagram and Twitter
  •       > Join the Mashable Meetup Organizers group on Facebook
  •       > Share what you love most about Social Media
  •       > Give a shout out to a new follower or one of your favorite social media gurus

For most of us, Social Media is a major part of our daily lives. The connections, networking and friendships made possible today because of Social Media deserve to be celebrated! So, get out there, engage a little extra and spread the word (not germs)!

Be sure to head over to our Instagram Story where we’ll be posting Social Media Day graphics for anyone to screenshot and share on their accounts! And like we always say… Keep it Social!


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